A messenger for your website

Synchronized with the Telegram group chat.

ChatBro is a simple and useful web messenger that can be linked to Telegram and VK. It let your visitors communicate from mobile devices. Design ChatBro in a web constructor to fit your site. Google indexes the history of messages and you will get new users on website.


Chat widget inserted as JavaScript block.

Learn by examples

Web chat constructor example

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Embed in your site

Put this script between  <head></head>

We can't give you code to embed our test chat. 
Create your own chat and code will be available.
Main properties
BackgroundText color
Default view
Chat div id
Add to html code:
The chat will appear in this div.
Container div will be created automatically. This option is not recommended because it can break site layout.
Indent from the top to maximized chat
Indent from the left to maximized chat
Indent from the bottom to maximized chat
Indent from the right to maximized chat
Indent from the right to minimized chat
Indent from the left to minimized chat
Auto refresh content
Send messages
Upload files
New message notification in the browser tab
Link to profile
Users authentication
Via your site

The user automatically enters the chat with his own name after the login on your site. He can also go in as a guest, or through a vk and a telegram.

Spoofing protection

Your secret key:  *****************

If you want the user to enter the chat through your site with an avatar and nickname, pass parameter signature, calculated on server side as:
md5(siteDomain + siteUserExternalId + siteUserFullName + siteUserAvatarUrl + siteUserProfileUrl + Permissions + secretKey)
If you want you can omitted the logon parameters like this:
md5(siteDomain + secretKey)

Show chat in case of a signature error
Use existing plugin


Internal methods
Anonymous with temporary name
Chat menu
Messengers to sync with
How it works

Messenger chat content will be synced with web chat. Web chat user will be able to enter messenger chat using the menu link.

Sync with existing chat in messenger
Add our bot to your chat:

Bot will send you url to choose the chat for synchronizetion.

Search engine indexing
Filter and process messages

Add your server side javascript function to post process all messages.

Prevent dupplicates, bad words. Change affiliate links and so on. Warn or ban message author automatically.

Website chat synchronized with Telegram group chat

Synchronization example

You can join Telegram group chat from web chat menu. Conversation will go on within Telegram creating thematic content for your site. You can add @ChatbroBot to an existing conversation and place the history on your website.

Admins find it convenient to answer user questions from mobile phone using a messenger application.

Increased search traffic and average time spent on the website

The chat history consists of unique text on your subject. Search engines index it and provide target traffic. If you are the first one submitted unique content to the search engine, and the content matches a rare user query, you will hold the first position on this query.

If the popular resource for traders TradingView had nothing but currency diagrams it would be much duller. The same can be said about gaining popularity TrollBox. Unlike forum, chat provokes users to ask more questions because they do not have to register and can get the answer sooner.

Special effort has been placed on chat indexing by search engines. We have checked it and we know that Google provides targeted traffic on the history of parkflyer.ru/chat. For those who came into the history in March 2016: the average time is 00:08:45, number of viewed pages - 6.53.

Chatting with operators causes less confidence

Product reviews one of the most motivating factor. People communicate in multi-user chat and see admins reaction realizing that the site service is functional and adequate.

Moreover administrators can chat with anybody in private later.

How to install the chat on the website

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