Opencart chat plugin with Telegram

Transparent chat authentication for opencart users. Easy configuration. It does not load your server. Fast and optimized for high traffic projects.

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Assist your clients by answering their questions..


Allow gamers to communicate and share their achievements.


Generate unique thematic content for your website.


Help your clients if they have questions.

Website chat synchronized with Telegram group chat

Chatbro offers seamless synchronization between your web chats and VK or Telegram groups, supergroups and channels. By default, we employ our dedicated bot to fulfill this purpose. However, if you wish to personalize your synchronization bot to align with the theme of your group, you have the option to create and integrate your own bot into our platform. It will operate in a similar fashion to our bot.

Our bots
Custom bots
Telegram VK

Synchronization example

To install manually

  1. Download the version that corresponds with you your OpenCart version.
  2. Upload to your OpenCart installation via Admin > Extensions > Installer and click Upload.
  3. Select the file for Opencart4 and for Opencart 3.

Install Automatically

Go to your OpenCart installation Admin > Extensions > Marketplace > ChatBro Live Group Chat and click install.

Next Steps

  1. Go to Admin > Extensions > Extensions.
  2. Select "Module" as the extension type.
  3. Find Chatbro and click the green install button on the right.
  4. Click the new Blue edit button.
  5. That's all, the extension is ready to work.

If you have any questions