Frequently asked questions

Creation and integration

How can I create the chat?

You can create the chat in several ways:
1) The easiest and most convenient - via the chat constructor.
2) Using our WordPress plugin.
3) On-the-fly creation.

How can i configure my chat?

There are two ways. The first way is setting in the chat editor. The second way is to pass special parameters to the chat's calling function named ChatbroLoader.

How to integrate chat and configure authorization in a chat so that used the site's information about user, such as nickname, avatar, path to the profile?

About Single Sign-On.

How to add my authorization method to the existing one? For example a link to the authorization block of my site?

Configure it in the chat editor (Users authentication -> Custom login link) or use ChatbroLoader's parameter named "customLoginLink".

How to sign out of the chat?

There is a "logout" button in the chat menu. If the chat is integrated into a website, it's enough to log out from a website.

What if I need a chat for every product, broadcast, blog, etc.?

To do this, it is convenient to use the dynamic creation of chats. Create and customize one chat, then use it to create others like it automatically.

How do I make chat rooms?

We do not yet have such functionality. You can create a chat for each room by dynamic creation, but code that will navigate users to rooms you will should to implement by yourself.

Sync up with messengers

How to sync up Telegram group/supergroup with the web chat?

Add @ChatbroBot to telegram group or supergroup. The bot will send a link in a private message where you can link the web chat and the telegram group/supergroup. If you don't have contact with our bot until this moment, it will not be able to send you a private message and will send a link to the group/supergroup.

How to link the Telegram channel with the web chat?

Add @ChatbroBot to the telegram channel as an administrator and type "/sync" in the channel. The bot will send a sync link to this channel.

Why can't I add a bot to a channel?

Use the desktop version of Telegram. Add the bot as an administrator (you can not add the bot as a common user).

Can I add my bot to synchronize messages?

Yes you can. It will work just like the our one and you will can to control over it. To add a bot, follow these steps:
1) Authorize on
2) Go to your profile using the site navigation.
3) Click to "Bots" tab.
4) Click the "Add your bot" button, select the bot type and enter the authorization data. Then click the "Add" button. If the data is correct, the bot will be added and automatically turned on.

Is your service suitable for broadcasting the Telegram channel to the website?

Our service is great for this. To send messages to one side (channel -> web chat), configure the web chat so that it does not allow sending messages. Additionally, you can configure the bot so that it can not write to the channel.

How to sync VK conversation with the web chat?

Detail instruction how to add bot and sync it.

Why the Bot stopped synchronizing messages or synchronized in one direction?

If you have some sync problems with telegram, make sure that your bot's privacy mode is disabled. You can check it with BotFather. Contact us by email or telegram if you still have problems.

How to remove the synchronization of the web chat with a telegram or VK?

There are a couple of ways to do this:
1) Delete the bot from the conversation/group/supergroup/channel. Synchronization will be automatically deleted, an alert will be sent to the private messages.
2) In the chat editor in the "Synchronization with messengers" block, you can see all active links and delete it.


How to add new administrators to the chat?

The administrator in the chat can be only one. But you can add moderator. He be able to ban users and delete messages.

How to add new moderators to the chat?

Moderator can be appointed in two ways:
1) Find the message of the right person in chat, call the message menu. Then click "make moderator". Please note that a guest cannot be appointed as a moderator.
2) Pass to the ChatbroLoader the required set (permissions: ['ban', 'delete']) of rights for a particular person. Used only when spoofing protection is enabled. Usage example and detail info.

How to allow chatting to authorized users only?

In the chat editor (Users authentication -> Internal methods) disable "Anonymous with temporary name".

What are the methods for dealing with spammers, trolls?

You can set up flexible message filtering on our server side or use a send delay. All these options are found in the chat editor in block "Restrictions".

How to configure message filtering on a server side?

In the chat editor (Restrictions -> Message processing) find a button "edit function". Clicking will open the editor with an example.

How to ban users and delete messages?

Only the administrator and moderators can to ban users and to delete messages. Place the cursor to the desired message, via the menu that appears, you can take the appropriate action.

What is a hidden ban?

If you ban a user and indicate a hidden ban, the intruder will not suspect about it. He will also continue to write in the chat, but only he will see his messages.

How to unban a user?

The administrator has a link to the list of all banned in the chat menu, where he can unban them. The second way - to ban a user again for a minute.

What is the spoofing protection and how to use it?

Spoofing is the situation when a person or a program successfully masks under another way of falsifying data and receives illegal benefits. For example, in the chat one person can write under the guise of another. The spoofing protection excludes such situations. Chatbro allows you to make sure that the chat is not displayed on other sites besides yours and exclude sending messages from other resources. This is described in detail here.


Why does the mismatch domain error occur?

You entered an incorrect siteDomain or siteDomain does not match the referrer. Correct the siteDomain and the error will disappear.

Why does the signature error occur?

You have anti-spoofing enabled (Chat editor -> Users authentication -> Single Sign-On -> Spoofing protection), bot you incorrectly calculated the signature parameter or did not pass it at all. More information about Single Sign-On and Spoofing protection.

Why does not the chat appear on the page?

Contact us by email or telegram and specify the site and chat id please.

I'm having trouble displaying chat.

Contact us by email or telegram and specify the site and chat id please.


Do you have documentation?

Yeap. It's available here.

How to make a sound in the chat?

There is no built-in mechanism in the chat, but you can do this.

How can I send a private message to another user in a chat?

There are no personal messages yet. If a user is authorized in the chat via the social network, his name and avatar will be a link to the profile in the social network and you can contact him.

What load can your servers hold?

This is described here.

How to make full screen chat?

You can make it like this.

I do not like the design. It does not harmonize with my site.

The chat does not use an iframe. This means that the original styles can be overridden to fit your needs.

I have a couple of great ideas for the chat, with whom to share?

It's greate! Contact us by email or telegram

I want to see the chat in my language, how to help with this?

Help us to translatethe chat to your language.