A messenger for your website

ChatBro is a web-based messenger that can be synchronized with Telegram and VK. Customize ChatBro's design using a web constructor to match your website's style.

Easy creation and integration

Easy creation and integration

A web-based constructor for effortless chat configuration.

Synchronization and Indexing

Synchronization and Indexing

Synchronize your website chat with Telegram/VK chats and enable indexing by search engines.



Files uploading. Photos and videos unfolding.

Various authentication methods

Various authentication methods

Authentication via your site, social networks, guests.

Flexible moderation

Flexible moderation

Assignable moderators and powerful server-side message filtering function.

Fast and optimized

Fast and optimized

Optimized for mobile devices. No delay on your website. Every chat is horizontally scaled with Geo DNS.

Live examples


Assist your clients by answering their questions..


Allow gamers to communicate and share their achievements.


Generate unique thematic content for your website.


Help your clients if they have questions.

Example of a web chat constructor

Main properties
Message processing and user restrictions
Message processing

Add your server side javascript function to post process all messages.

Prevent dupplicates, bad words. Change affiliate links and so on. Warn or ban message author automatically.

Sending messages
Allow only for Admin
Files upload
Editing own messages
Deleting own messages

Implement a message sending frequency limit. Administrators and moderators will always enjoy uninterrupted messaging without any delays.

Slow mode sending
Delay for all users (sec)
For guest
For social user (telegram, vk, facebook, google)
For site user (login via site)
For Patron
Default view
Customizing the appearance of chat and messages
Div's id
Add to html code:
The chat will appear in this div.
The container div will be generated automatically. However, it's advised to avoid this option as it could potentially disrupt the layout of your website.
First load state

The chat retains its own configuration (position, status, size) and can restore it when the page is reloaded. This setting is not used in the chat editor for ease of setup.

Restore chat geometry
Chat in maximized state
The minimum height for the chat is 238 pixels, while the minimum width is 290 pixels with avatars enabled, and 250 pixels without avatars. You have the flexibility to use different units for specifying sizes.
Top and left indentations will take precedence over the bottom and right indentations.
Show chat border
Show Chat Shadow
Enable Resizing
Enable Minimization
Show participant count
Chat in minimized State
Show participant count
Border radius of minimized chat
The right indentation will take precedence over the left indentation.
Font Size of Messages (in pixels)
Bold font weight
Show users avatars
Avatar's border radius
Show date of message
Enable full-screen image viewing. Alternatively, images will open in a new tab.
Show image links only instead of images
Highlighting Replies
Simple replies
Simple replies will be without message quoting.
Profile Link
Show border between messages
Notification for new messages in browser tab
Chat menu
Plan block, Patron block, Custom links, Copyright
Plan block
All elements of this block will be visible on the Basic plan or if there is a lack of funds on the balance. Only administrator see this block.
Hide plan name.
Hide time of approx work of current plan.
Hide plan description and alerts (for example, about the lack of funds on the balance).
Patrons block
All elements of this block will be visible on the Basic plan or if there is a lack of funds on the balance.
Hide block
Custom links
Copyright block
Disable copyright info
Leaving active the block with a link to chatbro.com in the chat menu, you help the development of the project.
Customizing the Chat Color Palette
BackgroundText color
Colored usernames
On-the-fly creation
Automatic creation of the same type of chats

For instance, if you require distinct chats for various pages of your website, or if you operate a video hosting platform and desire separate chats for each video, you can effortlessly generate such chats using the dynamic chats feature.

This chat will serve as the parent, from which the dynamic chats will inherit all settings.

More info you can find here
Enable dynamic chats

Automatically create forum topics for Telegram supergroups, streamlining the synchronization of web chats with Telegram. The Telegram topic will be generated automatically upon the first message sent in the dynamic web chat.

Refer to the docs for detailed instructions on correctly configuring synchronization.

Telegram topics
Users authentication
Single Sign-On, Internal login methods, Custom login link
Single Sign-On

Enables you to set up authorization in a chat, allowing the utilization of the site's user information, such as nickname, avatar, and profile path.

It is advisable to deactivate this option if you are not use the login via the site.
Single Sign-On
Detail information about SSO.
Auto login
When authorization parameters are provided, the user will be automatically authenticated. If this option is deactivated, the user will have the choice among all available authorization methods.
Spoofing protection

Your secret key: 

If you want the user to enter the chat through your site with an avatar and nickname, pass parameter signature, calculated on server side as:
+ siteUserExternalId
+ siteUserFullName
+ siteUserAvatarUrl
+ siteUserProfileUrl
+ siteUserFullNameColor
+ permissions
+ secretKey)
If desired, you can omit the login parameters like this:
md5(siteDomain + secretKey)

More information about spoofing protection.

Display the chat
By enabling this option, the chat will still appear on the page even if an incorrect signature is provided. Disabling this option would prevent the chat from being shown in the event of an invalid signature, restricting its usage to a specific domain.
Use existing plugin
Internal methods
Anonymous with temporary name
Irrespective of the available authorization methods, administrators and moderators of the chat will always have the ability to send messages. If you're unable to log in to the chat as an administrator due to the disabled method, you can simply sign in on chatbro.com.
Custom login link
Additionally, you can incorporate your own login link. This can prove useful when integrating a chat into a website.
Messengers to sync with
Synchronization and bot management
List of synced chats
Chat is not synchronized yet.
How it works

Chatbro offers seamless synchronization between your web chats and VK or Telegram groups, supergroups and channels. By default, we employ our dedicated bot to fulfill this purpose.

However, if you wish to personalize your synchronization bot to align with the theme of your group, you have the option to create and integrate your own bot into our platform. It will operate in a similar fashion to our bot.

Our bots:

Add the bot to the desired chat in the messenger and follow the instructions.

Custom bots:
Search engine indexing
Chat history management

Website chat synchronized with Telegram group chat

You can seamlessly join a Telegram group chat from the web chat menu. Conversations will take place within Telegram, generating thematic content for your website. You also have the option to add @ChatbroBot to an ongoing conversation and display the chat history on your website.

Admins will find it convenient to respond to user questions using a messenger application on their mobile phones.

Synchronization example

How to install the chat on the website

Chatting with operators causes less confidence

Product reviews one of the most motivating factor. People communicate in multi-user chat and see admins reaction realizing that the site service is functional and adequate.

Moreover administrators can chat with anybody in private later.

Increased search traffic and average time spent on the website

The chat history consists of unique text on your subject. Search engines index it and provide target traffic. If you are the first one submitted unique content to the search engine, and the content matches a rare user query, you will hold the first position on this query.

If the popular resource for traders TradingView had nothing but currency diagrams it would be much duller. The same can be said about gaining popularity TrollBox. Unlike forum, chat provokes users to ask more questions because they do not have to register and can get the answer sooner.